Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse Essay

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Abstract Approximately eighty percent of the inmates in correctional facilities have problems related to substance abuse. The number of male inmates has increased considerably in the recent years mainly due to a high number arrests and prosecutions that are drug related. Many correctional facilities offer educational and treatment interventions to help them. However, significant gaps remain.The Justice’s Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program in the U.S tracks prevalence trends and the type of drugs used in different urban areas. Arrestees’ urine samples are tested for five core drugs – marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, methamphetamines and up to six other drugs. Cocaine was present in more than thirty percent of the test results in twenty sites (for men it ranged from fourteen percent in San Jose to fifty-one percent in Atlanta). This indicated the use of cocaine by these inmates within the previous two or three days. More than seventy-five of the adult males who tested positive for opiates also tested positive for other drugs. Methamphetamine use was more than ten percent in nine sites for men and twelve sites for women; use was more concerted in the West. Substance Abuse Treatment for male inmates Substance abuse treatment is very important in reducing crime and preventing disease. This helps the inmates their families and the whole community. Substance abuse treatment helps people cut back or stop injecting heroin, cocaine and other drugs. This lowers their chances of

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