Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) defines drug abuse as, “ It becomes drug abuse when people use illegal drugs or use legal drugs inappropriately.” This may include; the repeated uses of drugs to produce pleasure, alleviates stress, and/or alters or avoids reality. The perception of addiction and substance abuse has been widely known for many years, but the medical community has failed to accept and publicly this issue among it own members. Drug abuse by nurses is prevalent in today society, The American Nurses Association (ANA) estimates that six to eight percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs in the workplace. To put into perspective, for every ten active working nurses, one uses alcohol or drugs in the workplace. Other sources claim that nurses generally misuse drugs and alcohol at a rate of 10-15% as nearly the same rate of the rest of the population. According to Kenward (2008), only one-third of one percent of all active nurses is penalized each year for their actions. During the 1970s and 1980s addicted nurses were only offered treatment prior to disciplinary action. Nurses were not the only one, physicians also did not receive treatment until after they had been criminally charged. Like the common patient, nurses are constantly facing personal challenges that test their integrity, moral, and ability to cope with situations. The accessibility of opioids for nurses is right at the palm of their hands, which makes it easy for a nurse who has substance abuse
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