Drug Abuse And The Consequences Of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction has become prevalent in our societies today such as the use of heroin. Using Marc, Lewis (2011) text “Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines his Former Life on Drugs” this paper focuses on drug abuse, heroin, and the consequences that the users face as they battle their addiction and related problems. In the text, chapter 8 provides a significant background and overview of Heroin as a drug, hence major section of this paper will rely on facts provided within this chapter. In addition, more useful information will be sourced from Chapter 6 which also provides significant facts on the issue that will be addressed later in the paper. Among the main issues that will be addressed in the paper include the reasons for drug abuse and the consequences of drug addiction, with specific reference to heroin. In Lewis’ text, he uses chapter 8 to provide a significant case study of how he became addicted to heroin and how it eventually affected his life. He was eighteen years and with a balanced life that comprised of friends and pleasures of sex that some of them offered. At this time, he also dealt with depression of a broken family. Using heroin at this point was associated with a large indulgence in sexual activities even among his peers. He viewed heroine as a source of courage and form of a rite of passage for other activities that his peers were practicing. His continued use of heroin was so intense that it did not take him long before he became a
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