Drug Abuse And The United States

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The issue of drug abuse and addiction in the United States has become much more relevant in the past few years. Drugs and the drug crisis were for the longest time something which was limited geographically, socially and racially. Which is to say that drugs were only a “problem” in the inner city. In the 1980s, this was symbolized by the so-called crack epidemic which ravaged the poorer and most fragile communities in the country. The issue of drug abuse in the United States is important because of how much it impacts the lives of people in all different ways and this problem seems to be increasing. Society must act to save these people in order to improve their lives and build strong communities for the future.
More recently drugs have crossed society from being a “minority” or poor person problem to bring one of the major issues with many different kinds of people from many different income levels, and this is large because of one factor: opioid painkillers. The growth in addiction rates across the country have been skyrocketing in the past ten or fifteen years, and it has been largely connected to the abuse of prescription painkillers. (Compton and Volkow, 2005) Prescription painkillers are easy to get, relatively cheap and something which can start with legal use for a legitimate injury or disease. The downside is that they 're incredibly easy to get addicted to and something which can lead one’s life to spiral quickly out of control.
Recently, there has been quite…
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