Drug Abuse Effects On Teens

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Intro More than twenty-two million people of age twelve or older use illegal drugs in the U.S.(Drug Abuse Symptoms, Facts, and Statistics). Drugs can affect teens in many ways they don't realize. Many teens do drugs, and they don't seem to care. Those teens may not know the facts, the effects on their health, nor the effects on their mental well-being. Drugs are Lame Teens do drugs for many reasons. Many teens decide to do drugs because they are being pure pressure to do drugs by their friends. Also if they get invited to parties many people offer them some, and they accept it to fit in a group or with other people. Also they do it in the streets. Other people just do it for fin or just want to sit down a relax. Also many people just want to do it just to try it if you like it or not. Many people are already a drug addict. They might just do it to rebel so they can make their parents mad. Teens sometimes do it to just be popular is school or social media and just have fun. Other just follow their parents footsteps and just do what they do like if their parents smoke they may just do what they do and try to be like them. Maybe they are just depressed and just want to feel better. Maybe they are getting bullied in school and just want to feel better or just boost his/her spirit.Maybe they are in a group/gang and need to do drugs in order to be in that group.They maybe have a low esteem. They could have been grown around drugs in their house or the community and
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