Drug Abuse

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Butch Brown
Mary Martin 04/21/2013

Addictions/Drugs Freedom, family, and financial security are a value to the people in the United States. Some behaviors are frowned upon, such as crime, laziness, and the use of illegal drugs. Drug abuse and addiction is not all about how much is consumed but has to do with consequences. Illegal drugs and abusers are a plague to society because of the harmful effects on the user, their families and people they associate with. Because drug addicts are always looking for a way to get their fixes and support their habit this increases crime in our
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As the problem progresses problems start to develop at work and in other situations. Families should try to keep as much normal activities in their life as possible. The family needs to take care of the family in every way possible and in everything that they do. Families should make boundaries and ask for support by getting people to listen to them, and who will understand what they are going through. Little, M.A. (2010) Violence in a family can be connected to drug abuse in different ways. The National Council on Alcoholism and drug abuse states “substance abuse does not cause family violence nor does family violence lead to substance abuse,” but there is a connection and they both affect each other. The affects that drug abuse has on society is seen in many ways. It can cost someone’s work because of them taking so much time off, and not working up to their level of work. Drug abuse causes accidents and also endangers others in and around the abuser. Young children are affected in neighborhoods because they are asked to be a lookout for the drug abuser. It increases the homeless numbers. The cost it causes because of abusers serving a prison term and the state having to foot the bill, the money spent on trying to prevent drug use and abuse, and the cost of health care to an abuser. When a drug addict uses for a long period of time they may experience serious psychological problems because of the drug
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