Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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D.A.R.E. Program called Anti-drug and Alcohol education program created in 1983 to help educate young people about the ills in which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education Which calls for the early education of adolescents, which originally started by educating young kids but in recent years it changed to include k-12 but focusing on 5th and 6th graders. The program was designed to keep underage youth away from drugs and alcohol because it was believed then that drug and alcohol usage was on the rise in the United States which lead to the major funding to the program by our government. The D.A.R.E education program has been one that garnered much attention in the 1990’s and early 2000’s because of much positive feed back from both education officials and parents. It was believed that substance abuse was a national issue and should be taken care of at a national level. It was believed that in the United States drug abuse was a major issue among young individuals because it affects their minds and would cause it was believed a major mind effect among young children and may mess up their school performance or mess up their life in general. Once it became a focus of D.A.R.E 80% of schools nationwide in the United States and over 40 Nations worldwide it’s focus was to implement this program and shoot for Long term successes by educating the youth it would need at least a decade to figure if this specific program was effective. This program was offered to every youth in
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