Drug Abuse among Teenagers

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Drug abuse among teenagers Introduction For the past twenty years, the country has been trying to overcome the use the drugs amongst teenagers. Research has shown that children between the ages of 16 - 20 use illegal drugs. The number of teenagers who use drugs is more than the number of drug users in the other age groups. Drug awareness campaigns are one of the key methods that can be use to combat this problem. Teaching the teenagers facts about drug abuse will assist them to know and understand the risks that drug abuse causes. Continuous drug awareness campaigns within the community are vital. ADDIN EN.CITE Gianni Devincenti Hayes201198Gianni Devincenti Hayes, D, Jr, and Michael J. Talley (2011)98986Gianni Devincenti Hayes, P.D, G.D.H.P.Jr, M.J.T.Michael J. Talley, J.Drugs and Your Teen: All You Need to Know About Drugs to Protect Your Loved Ones2011Bloomington, IN 47403AuthorHouse9781452098456http://books.google.co.ke/books?id=jlBZM573_-kC HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Gianni Devincenti Hayes, 2011 #98" Gianni Devincenti Hayes, D, Jr, and Michael J. Talley (2011) posits, drug abuse not only affects the teenager, but also their family, and society. Though the use of recreational drugs among teenagers might not have adverse effects on them, the use of other drugs can lead to problems at school, home, work, and in relationships, which can lead the teenager feeling isolated, shameful, and have self pity. Drugs were initially invented for medicinal, religious, and
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