Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey

Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey
Abdullah Furkan Kaya
İstanbul Şehir University

Drug abuse is an addiction, which has different substance types and can ruin people’s life or even cause death. People use it for variety of reasons such as getting away from their bothers or getting high. Approximately 200 million people abusing drugs, most of them are addicted in the world. This number is 200 thousand and more than 300 people dies per year in Turkey due to drug abuse. For having a good future for youngsters, Turkey must take care of drug use. According to Necmettin Özerkmen (2005), last years the use of drugs has increased day by
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Good education and sport resources can prevent youngsters to deviate wrong ways. Besides, government should clean school areas up from teasers, because as Cahit Ozer said, youngsters and young adults are specifically at hazardous periods for drug abuse. To prohibit drug deals among neighborhoods there are necessity to more observation and supervision.

Narcotic production and distribution is not an easy to do. Dealers need to be organize, arm, money and a power to protect them and monopoly the drug market. Therefore, it is complicated. In Turkey, as many countries, the dirty money that earned from drug distribution goes to terror organizations. Killing a terror organization in one hit, seems not easy; but closing the ways feed them is possible. In that case, government should legalize drug use and sell it from their hand as monopoly. Furthermore, people can buy drugs cheaper from government instead of paying to terrorists; streets will be fresh and children clean. Government can put a quota, which is not lethal and drug users can also take health cares.

All things into consideration, government should be active in drug addiction situations in all stages. Drug addiction related to many social situations and if it were fixed, it would become plenty of benefits to both government and people.

Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey

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