Essay on Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Drugs Abuse occurs when a drug is taken for unintended purposes and can lead to addiction. Addiction occurs when a person must use the drug to feel and function normally. Addiction occurs in two types, physical and psychological. Physical addiction is caused by the brain, the brain produces fewer chemicals or neurotransmitters to make up for the extra chemicals therefore the brain needs the chemicals from the drug to reach the correct balance and individual becomes out of touch with reality. Psychological addiction is much simpler, the individual simply likes the way a drug makes him/her feel and must have it, therefore becoming addicted. (Lawrence, F. 1996)

Addiction has six steps. The first step is occasional use; a person takes
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(Peele, S. 1997)

Individuals that are addicted to drugs are likely to suffer from loss of appetite, loss of weight, constipation and loss of sex drive. The pupils of the eyes may become tiny, the size of pinpoints, or extremely large. Drug addicts that use needles such as heroin addicts suffer from skin damage at the points where the needle is repeatedly inserted to give the dose or ?fix? from a syringe. (Torr, J. 1999)

Individuals addicted to drugs can suffer from withdrawals, which range from mild to severe. Mild withdrawals occur when the person is late getting the dose or ?fix?. Mild withdrawals cause yawning, sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes and sweating. Severe withdrawals follow mild withdrawals and are caused by not receiving the drug for a long period of time. Severe withdrawals cause diarrhea, vomiting, trembling, cramps, confusion, and rarely seizures and coma.

When the individual takes the drug all withdraw symptoms are relieved. Withdrawal symptoms occur because the body becomes adapted to the presence of the drug, which reduces certain natural chemicals and the chemical deficiency is exposed. (Peele, S. 1997)

Addiction usually starts because a seriously ill or badly injured person is on painkillers longer than they should be. Sometimes boredom or pressure cause drug abuse. Some successful, high-powered business or professional people depend on drugs. Fashion may play a part and when it does drug use is always
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