Drug Abuse in Modern Day Society

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Drugs: Positives And Negatives In Our Society Imagine a man who is in his late 20’s, a recent graduate of medical school, happily married to his high school sweetheart. He is about to have a child right when his addiction to heroine flourishes. Due his inability to quit the addiction, he loses his job and his wife no longer wants anything to do with him, which leads him to have nothing left. He is thrown out on the streets, without any will to change his life around and get back on track. While one will argue that the effects of drugs bring good things to the people, a lot of others will look down upon the use of drugs. This depends on which type of logical conscience you are discussing with. In modern day culture, we are a little…show more content…
Once getting cut off entirely by their families, the user continues to hide their addiction from people who’s goals are to potentially help overcome the addiction. Overall, social alienation is crucial to one fiend’s life, but sadly, occurs too often. Drug use fuels criminal behavior as a means to supply one’s addiction. When an addict is tied to the constant need for drugs, he/she will do whatever it takes in order to supply themselves. The easiest way to obtain these drugs is by either stealing the drug itself or money to buy it. Addicts will start to commit violent acts to get money once they are homeless and have no way of getting the drug. One of the most popular tendencies is to rob houses and stores. Drug fiends will go around stealing from stores and robbing people of their money to go buy drugs. After the crime is committed, many of these victims of violence will be greatly against these devotee’s and not accept them into society. Leading people to turn away from wanting to help the addicts. One of the most common outcomes of committing a crime is getting into trouble with the law. When the users get caught for stealing, they get arrested and sentenced to jail time depending on the severity of the crime. Once in jail, the addict will most likely not even be able to get their hands on the drug ever again and cause serious risks to their health, in terms of withdrawal’s. When an addict steals the drug itself, they feel
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