Drug Abuse in the United States

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Drugs have had a very large growth rate within the past years. Drugs are a major issue that is affecting students and going to school and getting an education. There are a numerous number of reasons of why the young are partaking in drugs. Mostly because they don’t have a very stable and healthy home environment meaning their parents don’t really care for them or discipline them by any means. A big transition for children is when they leave their families and began to start schooling. Then, when they advance from elementary school to middle school, they most likely are experiencing new academic and social situations like learning to get along with a wider group of peers than they may be used to. Functionalism is when the society is stable and the orderly system is composed of a number of interrelated parts that each of which performs as a function and contributes to the overall stability of society. First, drugs are functional as society as a whole because disease and viruses can result from the overage of drugs. Drug addiction affects society as a whole because it’s one of the fastest ways to spread an HIV virus through sharing needles and other drug paraphernalia. The usage of drugs can lead to bad decisions like participating in sexual activity with someone who is infected with it. Second, drugs can have a major affect on crime rates in the United States whether it’s a…
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