Drug Activities And Criminal Behavior

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The relationship between drug activities and criminal behavior is one of largest concerns among the public in our world today. Shown throughout the history of America, the use of drugs can negatively affect a person’s life, family, friends, and their community. The relationship between drug activities and criminal behavior has been studied greatly in the past by theorists and is still currently being studied today. One of these theorists who supported the relationship between drugs and crime is named Paul Goldstein. One of his explanations for this relationship was called the “economic compulsive” model. This explained that crime was committed as a way to support drug habits. Another one of his explanations was the systematic model. This model stated that crime occurs as part of the system of drug distribution and use (Bennett and Halloway pg. 513). These studies have proved the theory to be true, that criminal behavior and drug activities are linked. Key findings in these studies show that there is a high use of drugs among the population of those arrested as well as those who are criminal offenders. Starting in the 1970s, self-report data and biological data have shown a significantly high rate of drug use among those who are incarcerated and those arrested (Duane C McBride, pg. 100). Drugs introduced in the 19th and 20th centuries offered pain relief but many people did not take into account the problems that could come from the overuse of certain drugs. The National…
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