Drug Addiction : A Serious Illness

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Drug addiction is a serious illness that can ultimately lead to the breakdown of families, long term psychological issues, and challenges that last a lifetime. People experiment with drugs for various reasons, whether it be for fun or to escape an unpleasant feeling. Some may try drugs the first time out of sheer curiosity, to fit in with friends who are using, or to enhance their performance at some activity. Others may try drugs to help them cope with difficulties in life. Drug addiction is not born with the first use of the drug, instead it stems from repeated use of the drug. Once the user has experienced the feeling of the first high, the onset of addiction begins. It happens in the blink of an eye and without the user noticing that they have become entangled in the cycle of addiction. Drug addiction becomes an awful cycle that entraps the user and those closely involved in his or her life. The cycle of addiction is characterized by frustration, anxiety or stress and compelling desire for relief of their symptoms. The individual engages in addictive behavior that leads to explosive behavior or spells of acting out. Before long, they completely lose control of their behavior and develop feelings of guilt or shame; which causes them to feel the need to use again. At this point the individual begins to rationalize and make promises to quit after just one more time. The addiction cycle can be arrested at any time, but only after the addict admits

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