Drug Addiction And Drug Abuse, Crime, And Homelessness

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Drug addiction has been happening for thousands of years. It is commonly known that addiction to drugs is poor for your health. However, drug addiction can affect an addict, their family, and their communities. Drug addiction needs more awareness and treatment because it leads to homelessness, crime, and broken families. Homelessness can be caused by drug abuse and drug abuse can also be an implication of homelessness. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, “A survey by the United States Conference of Mayors found that 68 percent of cities reported that substance abuse was the largest cause of homelessness for single adults. Substance abuse was also reported as one of the top three causes of family homelessness by 12 percent of cities” (Opioid Abuse). One study showed that drug addiction and overdose put veterans at the highest risk for homelessness and another study showed that twenty five percent of the homeless people surveyed said that using and abusing drugs was the main reason they were homeless (Opioid Abuse). Being homeless and impoverished while being addicted to drugs makes it much more difficult to receive treatment. The National Alliance to End Homelessness says that homeless people with OUD (opioid use disorders) have many obstacles that include “disaffiliation or social isolation, lack of mobility or transportation, a fragmented delivery system, and complex treatment needs including co-occurring conditions.. Additionally, the social
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