Drug Addiction And Drug Abuse In The United States

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“Drug addiction and drug use can be linked to at least half of all major crimes committed in the United States.” ( ) Drug addiction is defined as a human body craving the effect of a high from a drug orally, through the nose, or by injection. The high, depending on the drug, can be a rush, known as “uppers” drugs like cocaine or Adderall which are classified as stimulants that give the body energy. “Downers” drugs are Xanax and Valium, which are anti-depressants and relax the body. People who are drug free, have little to no sympathy for addicts, believing that the addicts lack strong willpower and morals. Addiction is a disease and that is very complex to the human body and it incredibly difficult to overcome to get clean and quit. For many people, they voluntarily try drug experimentation, but with constant use, the brain changes the self-control and obstruct the ability to resist intense urges to use drugs. “People use drugs to try to change how they feel.” ( ) Many to abuse drugs, do it to alter their feelings for a better or different one. The changes of the brain can be relentless, which is why relapsing is so common and predictable. Relapsing is when a recovering addict turns back into the craving of drugs, and basically starts to use again. Addicts can be at a high risk for relapsing, even if they haven’t taken drugs in months or even years. Many drugs affect the “reward circuit” in the brain by engulfing it with Dopamine. The circuit controls the body’s ability to feel good and to have the person repeat the drug use. The over use of the reward circuit starts the intense high that can lead to addiction. As a person continues drug use, the brain adjusts to the high, causing the person to crave the drug and be less interested in social activities and even eating. Why is it that people who try drugs get addicted and other don’t? There is no solid answer to predict if a person will get addicted to drugs. There is a combination of risk factors to addiction. The higher risk factors a person has, the greater a chance that taking drugs will lead to addiction. Biology is one of the key roles in drug addiction, it determines someone’s risk of addiction, just by their genes, which are held accountable for

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