Drug Addiction And Its Effect On The Reward Circuit

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In this essay the dependency one acquires, as a result of the stimulation of the reward circuit is examined. Specifically, the association of drug addiction, as a result of stimulants, in response to increased levels of dopamine. I will begin by examining what defines an addiction, and what factors influence an individual to become drug dependent, as a result of abuse. I will be focusing on the reinforcing properties of the drug as well as, physical dependence, psychological dependence, social factors, drug availability and furthermore, the vulnerability of the individual. Once an understanding of the contributing factors that result in substance abuse is developed, I will then examine its impact on the reward circuit. In other words, develop an understanding of the pathway itself and its evolvement with the neurobiological substrates. With this knowledge, the implications that certain drugs have on the concentrations of dopamine can be drawn. Finally, I will draw a conclusion from the information gathered to answer the question of how certain stimulants interfere with the reward circuit leading to addiction, as a result of a reduction in dopaminergic function.

Addiction and the Factors that Influence it Addiction is defined as a compulsive act of drug seeking and use that stems from the six foundational elements, despite the consequences associated with it. As a result of addiction, individuals begin to abuse drugs. Drug abuse is the involvement of said drugs that…
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