Drug Addiction And Knowledge Of Social And Medical Services

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Addiction treatment is the process of breaking an individual 's dependence on illicit drug or legal drugs (alcohol, prescribed medication). It is a complex process of services tailored to meet the multiple and specific needs of people who struggle with drug abuse. Countless people using drugs, alcohol or both have managed to quit and stay clean with the help of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or the thousands of long-term residential and outpatient clinics. Treatment also takes place in hospitals, churches, therapists’ offices and counseling centers.

Determining treatment effectiveness begins with an understanding the biological, psychological and environmental factors that influence the outcome of treatment. These factors include the knowledge of the nature and progression of drug addiction and knowledge of social and medical services needed and available to the individual to aid recovery. Many drug users suffers from social, health and legal consequences and for that reason interventions should be integrated, coordinated and involve the justice system, the medical care, and the social and educational systems. Only treating ‘total person’, matching clients’ needs to the treatments and available services might increase the likelihood of treatment success. Understanding clients’ history of drug use and previous drug treatment, degree of social maladjustment (e.g., lack of education), lack of interpersonal skills, economic status (e.g., unemployment) and criminal
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