Drug Addiction And Maintaining Sobriety

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The issue surrounding those recovering from drug addiction or maintaining sobriety is very prevalent in today’s society. The solution to this problem, in part, is knowledge. In no way is lapsing or relapsing an indication of weakness, but rather a reflection of the changes and associations the brain has made in response to drug abuse. Individuals who have abused drugs and are working toward recovery need to understand the changes that have occurred in their brains. This will allow them to come to terms that lapsing or even relapsing may be part of their journey. The other part of the solution is to find a way to help the recoverees feel accomplished and improve their self-esteem. Our group has decided that in order to do this an app would …show more content…
It is important to note the game would likely just inform its presence, rather than show a piece of paraphernalia. This is because an actual image could stimulate cravings. After the question has been answered, if the answer chosen is incorrect, the player will be given encouraging feedback to try again with an explanation as to why the answer chosen was not the best answer. Throughout the game many similar style questions will be asked that pertains to the information given in the explanation of changes section. At any point the player of the game can go and back and review the information before answering their quiz question. At the end of the game, the player will have helped their avatar in part of their recovery of amphetamine addiction. The game will disclose that they are aiding in part of the recovery of the fictional character but that recovery is still ongoing and requires daily action. This prevents app users from perceiving recovery as an endpoint rather than a journey. The idea of this game was an ideal situation, however given limited resources our app will only include a quiz without the interactive features of an avatar or journey.
Discussion forum
The app will provide social interaction via a discussion forum. The discussion forums will include the topics: “What my biggest

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