Drug Addiction And Maintaining Sobriety

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The issue surrounding those recovering from drug addiction or maintaining sobriety is very prevalent in today’s society. The solution to this problem, in part, is knowledge. In no way is lapsing or relapsing an indication of weakness, but rather a reflection of the changes and associations the brain has made in response to drug abuse. Individuals who have abused drugs and are working toward recovery need to understand the changes that have occurred in their brains. This will allow them to come to terms that lapsing or even relapsing may be part of their journey. The other part of the solution is to find a way to help the recoverees feel accomplished and improve their self-esteem. Our group has decided that in order to do this an app would be an ideal vehicle for this information. The app will include an explanation of neurobiological changes that occur following drug abuse, a game to facilitate learning, a discussion forum, a trauma acceptance feature, a health and wellness feature, and a daily check-in.
Explanation of neurobiological changes
Within the app there will be a section dedicated to learning the neurobiological changes that have occurred following amphetamine abuse. The information will be written at a grade eight reading level, to allow for those with different education levels to understand what is going on. There will also be diagrams and images to help explain these topics. The topics that will be explained include, the normal dopamine reward circuitry, what…
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