Drug Addiction : Drugs And Heroin Addiction

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The arguments for whether or not to prescribe heroin to treat heroin addictions are controversial. Henden and Baeroe (2015) state both sides of the arguments being that some believe “it is in the nature of heroin addiction for individuals to lose their ability to resist their desire for heroin,” which knowing the nature of chemical dependency, heroin addicts would not refuse any heroin, so it still possibly an invalid consent to research participation as they did not have a free choice to really decide, which there mental or physical state of being dependent on the drug would create an automatic response because it is a craving, or a need, for functionality. On the other hand as Henden and Baeroe (2015) mentions, “those who maintain that consent given by heroin addicts can be valid” may just be unsound because of the social stigma involved with the heroin addiction. In regards, there is much research showing that “financial concerns, fear of arrest, values regarding parenthood and many other factors influencing decisions in general often persuade a person addicted to heroin to cease their drug-oriented behavior,” therefore, it is a possibility that the heroin addicts do have competence and can control their functionality in order to make a valid consent (pg. 28). Knowing both sides of the issue about heroin prescribing to treat heroin addiction, to make a final decision would require ethics. In this case, the counselor or researcher would consider utilitarian ethics as to…

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