Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction
A drug addiction is an ongoing need to use drugs. It is also called substance dependence, because the person may depend on drugs to continue functioning normally. Like any addiction, it involves a craving, or strong want, that is very hard to control.[1] When the addict is no longer able to use the drug, they will suffer from withdrawal.[2]
A person usually become addicted to specific kinds of drugs, the use of which may or may not be against the law.
A person who may easily become addicted to drugs is said to have an addictive personality. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines drug addiction as a mental disorder.
Drugs known to cause addiction include both legal and illegal drugs as
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He gave the soon to be called "Baby Boomers" an effective alternative to the prevalent drug culture. He called it the "3HO" (healthy, happy, holy) way of life. [photopress:YB_September_1970.jpg,full,centered]In 1973, Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO SuperHealth, a remarkably successful drugless, drug rehabilitation program, blending the proven ancient yogic wisdom of the East with the modern technology of the west. The philosophy of 3HO SuperHealth was based upon the belief that natural healing techniques such as Kundalini Yoga, meditation, special diets, hydrotherapy, and massage utilized in a structured environment such as a holistic therapeutic community, are the most effective way of treating people who have problems with addictions. 3HO’s SuperHealth Program had excellent results helping thousands of individuals to not only free themselves from alcohol or drugs but to begin to lead a life without negative addictions. SuperHealth was accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization and received its highest commendation. In 1973 it distinguished itself as being in the top 10% of all treatment programs throughout the U.S, with a recovery rate of 91%. Then in 1989 Yogi Bhajan met with then President Mikhail Gorbachev and established addiction treatment programs in Russia based on the 3HO SuperHealth model. Since 1993 Yogi Bhajan had also been persistently contacting the Punjab Government offering assistance with
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