Drug Addiction Monologue

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I find my seat in aisle B, on the plane heading away from you. The cabin is hot and sweaty and crowded, and I suddenly feel claustrophobic, as if the white walls have closed around me like a coffin. I sink down into my narrow chair and gaze out the oblong plane window. Goodbye New York, city of dreams; it’s back to Leith, city of cruel realities, for me. Alone, but what did I expect? That you’d come with me, back to that shitehole? Nae, but when I’m here in this city with you I’m driven to the sick delusion of a junky: that I could stay in this high with you forever. I’m itching for a fag, or something stronger, to ease my parting sorrows, but we havenae even reached altitude, and there’s these sign’s on the cabin walls which loudly and accusatorily remind me of my promises. “No smoking” they seem to plead in your voice. It’ll be a long flight if I keep hearing your voice in my head. These are the effects of withdrawal after a long, sweet hit of you. Worse than the purest smack, you are for me, and I had only replaced drug addiction with my addiction to you.
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