Drug Addiction

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DRUG ADDICTION DRUG: A chemical substance that alters the function of one or more body organs or the process of a disease. Drugs include prescribed medicines over the counter remedies and various other substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs of abuse that are used for non-medical purposes. Drugs are substances other than food that affect the way your mind and body works (Al Robertson et al). DRUG ABUSE Drug abuse is definable mainly in terms of societal disapproval. It may involve experimental and recreational use of drugs, which is usually illegal with risk of arrest; unsanctioned use of psychoactive drugs to relieve problems or symptoms; or use of drugs first for the previous two reasons but later because of dependence and…show more content…
TYPES OF DRUGS AND WHAT THEY DO There are three groups of drugs: a. Depressants: They slow the body down. They relax, tranquilize, relieve pain and induce sleep. One may say and do things that they would never do under normal circumstances. When these depressants bare abused they can slow do0wm body functions such as breathing to an extent that a person may pass out or even lapse into a coma. Examples are; -Opiates e.g. opium, morphine. -Sedatives and hypnotics e.g. barbiturates that are available through doctors prescriptions. -Tranquillizers -Alcohol b. Stimulants: They speed up the action of the brain. They make people feel more alert, more confident and less tired. Examples are: -Caffeine found in coffee tea cola and chocolate. -Amphetamines – (speed or pep pills) used to treat disorders of the nervous system. They produce and increase energy and alertness. Cocaine- Has similar actions as Amphetamines but the effects are more intense. People develop strong psychological dependence on this drug. A cheaper version of cocaine is called "crack". c. Hallucinogens: This group of drugs cause great changes in the way people perceive and feel. They sometimes called psychedelic or mid-altering drugs. They p[produce

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