Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction

Drug abuse is an increasing epidemic in today’s society. There are so many types of drugs being abused today, both legal and illegal. These drugs affect the human body in many different ways. Drug abuse can lead to addiction. “Drug addiction involves the repeated and excessive use of a drug to produce pleasure or escape reality despite its destructive effects” (“Environmental Health Perspectives,” 2005). Drug addicts believe that drugs are necessary for them to have a feeling of well-being (“New Insight in to Drug Addiction and Self-Control,” 2008). People are addicted to all types of illegal and prescription drugs (“New Insight in to Drug Addiction and Self-Control,” 2008). Some people think that drug abuse is a
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On the other hand, there is indirect pressure when someone sees everyone around them using drugs and thinks that there is nothing wrong with using drugs because they don’t see the long term effects of the damage. The person might try drugs just to fit in and seem cool, even if the person has no intentions of using drugs. They usually do it just to be considered "cool" by their friends. Today drugs are considered to be acceptable by many teenagers. Drug addiction among adolescents usually leads to depression and suicide in many situations. It’s because they aren’t educated enough about them and we need more programs to show examples of the side effects. Maybe if they see the results first hand, it might change their mind of trying it for the first time.

Columbia University 's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) said about 2.3 million kids ages 12 to 17 took legal medications illegally in 2003 (Banta 2). According to the Anti-Drug Foundation, teens say they abuse prescription drugs because they are easy to get and they think they are a safe way to get high ("Parenting of Teens” 1). Dr. Nicholas Pace, an internist at New York University Medical Center, clarified the sad truth when he said, “It’s a hidden epidemic” (Banta 2). To fix the rapidly growing issue, I will propose to support programs aimed at preventing drug abuse, to educate parents as well as children about the risks of misusing medicine, and, finally, to enforce
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