Drug Addiction : The Overwhelming Involvement Of Drugs

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Drug addiction can be defined as the overwhelming involvement of drugs that impacts an individuals daily life functioning. To help better understand drug addiction I chose to give up adding additional salt to my food for 30 days. Prior to the project I figured I would miss the taste of salt being added to my food, but I figured it would be easy. To my surprise it was not as easy as I entailed. Starting from week one I unconsciously went to grab salt numerous times, because grabbing the salt, pepper, and Old Bay is part of my ritual when I am going to sit down to eat. Also, during week two I noticed I was shifting my behavior to avoid certain foods. In fact, I caught myself skipping some meals because I no longer found the same joy in eating as I use to. That alone would be surprising to both my friends and family, because I love food. People have made jokes before that the way to my heart is to take me out to somewhere where I can eat. As well as, I do see the importance of eating a suffice breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Actually due to a lack of eating, I found myself being overly tired, and often times having to take a nap after class and sometimes a second nap. Being tired definitely got in the way of getting all of my schoolwork done. I found it taking twice as long to get through a homework assignment. As I had mentioned at midnight after the project had ended my plan was to make a big bowl of pasta and to add loads of salt and butter to it, and that is exactly what I
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