Drug Alcohol And Its Effects

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An elderly man, Frank went to his doctor for a routine check up after having some complications with his heart. While at the doctor, he was encouraged that having an alcoholic beverage a day to lower his risk of heart disease. After much consideration about the doctors prescription Frank decides with his wife that it may be a good idea. Frank had never drank before in his life, and what this doctor suggests will be a huge factor in him. Frank became an alcoholic at the age of 72. This brings questions to mind such as if Frank had been educated about alcohol and its effects of it in over abundance, would this have changed his outcome? People become responsible by being properly taught, given responsibility, and then held accountable for their actions. America can not tell young people to "just say no" to driving, fail to teach them to drive, and then on their 18th birthday give them drivers licenses and turn them loose on the road. But this is the logic that is followed for beverage alcohol because of Americas ' alcohol policy. Not being taught how to drink responsibility is a very unfortunate reality that most 21 year old 's face. America should change current laws to open the legal age of drinking because it will give Americans ' a chance to teach our youth about responsible drinking, and will help curb alcoholism. The history of alcohol and prohibition have a lot of incite for what changes should be made. Alcohol laws in detailing minimum age for purchase have changed…
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