Drug And Alcohol Treatment Of Alcoholics Anonymous And Narcotics Anonymous

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Twelve step programs are commonly used in drug and alcohol treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both utilize the twelve steps, along with many other treatment centers. The twelve steps are used as a tool to stay sober and overcome addictions to substance abuse. The first step involves admitting one is powerless over the drug. It also involves admitting that due to the drug, one is no longer in control of his or her life. The second step is coming to the belief that there is a greater power that can restore one to sanity. The greater power can be anything from God to a higher power such as nature. The third step is making the decision to turn one’s will and life over to the higher power. This is when an individual fully commits oneself to the belief in something greater than him or her self. The fourth step is a moral inventory of oneself. Many individuals make a list of all the wrongs he or she has done while in the fourth step. (Alcoholics Anonymous Publishing, 1981) The fifth step involves admitting to a higher power, oneself, and other people the exact nature of the offenses one has committed. The sixth step is preparing oneself to have a higher power remove the character defects. Asking the higher power to remove the deficiencies is step number seven. Step eight is making a list of the individuals harmed in one’s addiction and preparing oneself to make amends with those people. Step nine is fulfilling step eight and making those amends with hurt

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