Drug And Substance Abuse In The LGBT Community

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Addiction is a complex and progressive disease that can affect anyone at any time in their lives. No matter your race, sex, and cultural background, substance abuse can be a destroyer of lives. While drug and alcohol abuse presents many challenges for any demographic group, the LGBT community has experienced substance abuse rates that are higher than any other group. It is important to look at the extent of addiction in the LGBT community. It is also important that we look at how those within the LGBT community can find the treatment and supports they need to become clean and sober.
Substance abuse refers to any continued pathological use of a medication, non-medically indicated drug. Substance abuse is likely to be diagnosed among people who have just started taking drugs and is often seen as an early symptom of substance dependence. However, substance dependence can show without substance abuse, and substance abuse can last for long periods of time without a turning into substance dependence. Substances that are abused are, but not limited to, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs for varied reasons. Due to the substance abuse our society pays a significant cost. The result from this abuse is seen in hospitals through direct damage to health and its link to physical trauma. Jails also see the cost of substance abuse with a daily tally that has a strong connection between crime and drug dependence and abuse. Substance abuse also can cause social consequences, which are
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