Drug Anonymous Meeting At The University Of Colorado Essay

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In taking the course “Drugs in U.S. Society” at The University of Colorado – Boulder I was given the opportunity to further my understanding of the course by attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Boulder, CO. On Friday, December 2nd at around noon I attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at St. Andrew’s Church in Boulder, CO. I was able to connect my knowledge about addiction, narcotics, and normalization of recreational drug use to the contents of the meeting. Ultimately, my observations in the Narcotics Anonymous meeting challenge the stereotypes of drug users, while reinforcing the concept of social distancing as well as the availability of opioid painkillers. Through these observations I conclude that the realm of medicine would benefit from my analysis. The Narcotics Anonymous meeting I attended at St. Andrew’s Church focused on the beginning of a 12-step program, one that was tied to a more spiritual path. I was able to listen to attendees of the meeting and learn about some of the struggles faced by narcotic users. The meeting was small and consisted of approximately 10 people (excluding myself). The start of the meeting composed of an introductory period, meaning each attendee stated their name and some stated the reason they were at the meeting. I happened to be the only attendee that was visiting the meeting, but was welcome with open arms. Considering that these meetings are anonymous, the head of the group reinforced the notion of anonymity within the
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