Drug Assessment for Hypertension Treatment

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Introduction Hypertension is one of the most important health issue. It is one of the leading cause for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. (Gay & Ndefo 2008). Anti-hypertensive drugs include several classes of medications which are used to control blood pressure in hypertensive patients. β-blockers are one of these classes which are widely prescribed worldwide. Because of the tolerability issue, the uses of β-blockers have been limited and are no longer considered as a first-line treatment for hypertension. Nebivolol , a new β-blocker, possesses different pharmacological properties from traditional β-blockers. Due to its superior anti-hypertensive efficacy and excellent safety profile, Nebivolol may be used as a first-line…show more content…
The second mechanism involves the production of Nitric Oxide via L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway which is responsible for its vasodilatory activity (Cheng 2009 and Moen and Wagstaff 2006). This dual action belongs to the fact that its racemic mixture consists of l and d isomers. The vasodilating effect belongs to the l- isomer and the latter possesses β1-blocking activity (Gray & Ndefo 2008 and Moen &Wagstaff 2006).The efficacy of Nebivolol as anti-hypertensive drug was evaluated by Van Borteletal. inGray & Ndefo( 2008) who compared the anti-hypertensive effect of Nebivolol in a dose of 5mg/day with placebo. After a period of 4 weeks, there was a reduction in blood pressure of at least 10 mm Hg in 65% of patients treated with Nebivolol compared to 25% with placebo.The ability of Nebivolol to increase Nitric Oxide bioavailablity has an obvious impact ton reducing systemic vascular resistance which leads to a further decrease in blood pressure and it will also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases caused by endothelial dysfunction which is a common disorder in patients with hypertension and diabetes and usually results from a decrease in nitric oxide bioavailability (Moen & wagstaff, 2006).The ability of Nebivolol to inhibit platelet aggregation has been showed by Munzel &Gori(2009) who claimed that Nebivolol
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