Drug Assistance Programs

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Drugs administered in a physician’s office and certain cancer drugs are covered by the Medicare Plan B. more than 60% of the new cancer diagnosis occur among the elderly hence chemotherapy and oncology drugs are covered in Medicare Part B. States effort to provide coverage for seniors Having recognized the financial burden of the elderly due to high prices of prescription drugs, many states have responded by creating programs to help in drug coverage for seniors. In the past few years, the states have increased their expenditures to cater for senior drug programs. Majority of the states have drug assistance programs for the elderly. The states have devised ways to cater for these new developments. For example in Pennsylvania its PACE program…show more content…
These programs ensures that the elderly pay a lower retail price, however they still expected to pay out of pocket money for their prescription drugs. These discount programs vary from state to state, where in some states you have to qualify for the…show more content…
The assistance program was entirely funded by the state’s revenue. Low-income seniors in the state of Illinois can now access any drug covered by the Medicaid with copayments and other cost sharing programs. States offering Subsidies for private coverage Proponents of subsidies for private coverage have always argued that the best solution to the seniors’ coverage of prescription drugs is helping the seniors to have private coverages by making it more affordable through subsidies. In 1999, Nevada tried this approach, although it was faced by myriad of problems in its implementation making the legislation to be changed two years later. The state offers subsidies to the tune of 100% of the drug coverage premium to the eligible seniors. Coordination of manufacturers program Drug manufacturers offer free drugs to the needy who cannot afford their drugs. Patients have to work with the doctors to submit a letter or an application with supporting documents to give evidence of both financial and medical needs. The process is complicated for low-income seniors who take different drugs from different manufacturers. Every manufacturer has their own way of application process this makes it even more difficult for needy patients to
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