Drug Cartel : Drug Cartels

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Drug Cartel in Mexico
Drug cartels have been an issue for Mexico over a century now, according to Congressional Research Service. This issue had led to assassination against innocent people, many individuals have been threaten, murdered and even kidnapped. In the year of 1940, Mexico was a big source of marijuana and heroin which created these big Drug trafficking organizations that still exist today for example; in Tijuana, MX “The Arellano Felix Organization”, Sinaloa, MX “Cartel Del Chapo”, “Los Zetas”, “Beltran Leyva Organization” and “La Familia Michoacana”. The once-coherent organizations and their successors are still operating, both in conflict with one another and at times working in collaboration. The reason I chose this topic was because, six years ago my family decided to moved back to Mexico and during my time there I was able to experience many violent situations. I moved to Mexico in the year of 2009 and moved back in the year of 2013. The reason my family and I moved back to Mexico was because, My grandpa had passed away and his big company was being left behind so my dad decided to be in charged of it with my uncle who lived in Mexico. During my three years in Zacatecas, Mexico, I found out that my city was owned by the drug trafficking organization “Los Zetas”. The reason I am mentioning this is because, the first couple of days we were living in Mexico a group of men gathered around my dad in a gas station early morning before taking me to school and…

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