Drug Cartel Violence And Mexico

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What if I told you the drug cartel violence in Mexico is still one of the largest drug distributions in the world. The drug cartel violences taking place in Mexico have been going on for many years now and nobody has really tried to put a stop to it. Although Mexican drug cartels have existed for several decades, their influences have increased. Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illegal drug market. Arrests of key cartel leaders have led to increasing drug violence as cartels fight for control of the trafficking routes to take over in the United States. The Mexican cartel violence has become a dangerous reality in our lives and needs to be put to a stop. The illegal drug trade has had an enormous cost on Mexico in lives lost. The number of killings in Mexico peaked in 2011, but then declined for almost three years. In 2015, the latest statistics show that the trend has reversed in 2015. Although we do not know exactly if the homicides are actually related to the drug violence, newspapers in Mexico estimate that since 2006, organized crime-style killings account for about 50%. There were about 17,000 killings that were reported in 2015. (CNN 2016) The drug cartel violence has led to an outbreak of terrible, violent acts in the country of Mexico. Having a good drug territory is essential for being successful in the drug industry. Fighting over profitable drug territories has led to fierce public battles and executions. In February 2010, the Gulf Cartel…
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