Drug Companies And The Government

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Pharmaceutical Companies and the government have been assisting in the deaths of thousands of children for over the past twenty years. Doctors diagnose more and more kids with cancer, and all pharmaceutical companies care about is the money. The United States is supposedly the best country to live in… a life filled with hopes, dreams, and freedom. Only cancer patients, especially kids, do not get that luxury of living out their life because pharmaceutical companies consume themselves with greed and selfishness. When finding a cure, an endless array of options should be available; limits should not exist. Because pharmaceutical companies and the government lack funds for research to target specific childhood cancers, children are being…show more content…
Just like the babies choke, so do the kids with the “hand-me-down” drugs. The average age kids begin to swallow pills is seven years old, so drugs unable to convert to a liquid are useless for kids (Boklan 1905). The drugs prescribed for adults, essentially, hold little value if any for young patients diagnosed with cancer. Also, kids cannot withstand the same capacity of toxicity adults do (Boklan 1906). Eight-year old Jacob Froman was diagnosed with medullablastoma, a rare pediatric brain cancer (“The Creating Hope Act: Kids v Cancer”). He was in and out of hospitals, getting chemotherapy treatments and radiation; unfortunately, Jacob died on January 16, 2009 at the age of ten years old (“The Creating Hope Act: Kids v Cancer”). For two years, Jacob’s body was manipulated with radiation and chemotherapy instead of his own specific treatment. For two years, all the needles, pricking, and tears were for nothing. The nights and days were agonizing not only Jacob, but affected his entire family. Because doctors are treating kids with adult protocols, most of the time, the treatments used lead to permanent complications later in their life such as depression or risks for secondary cancers (“Childhood Cancer Facts”). They have to suffer the consequences for the drugs meant for adults. Symptoms causing immense complications should not be a child’s problem. Only, childhood cancer patients have to live with them due to the lack of specific treatments for them.
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