Drug Court Taught Me How to Live

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DRUG COURT TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE By: Robin Howell Example Essay Composition 1 MW 10:00-11:50 Word count= 1,005 (excluding cover page and title) Drug Court taught me how to live In the past, drug addicts who were convicted of drug related crimes were most commonly either sent to treatment or incarcerated. I have experienced both and did not benefit much from either one. In 2001 I was in a fairly new program called Drug Court. Drug Court is a unique and extraordinary program that gives addicts the tools they need to endure life without using drugs. I was very nervous about this program because it was so different than anything else I had been through. I was always able to tell the treatment counselors or judges what they…show more content…
They looked at my individual situation, not just that I was an addict/criminal, and they based their decisions on my personal needs. I took classes on parenting, job search skills, criminal thinking, budgeting, and basic life skills. I also completed over a hundred hours of community service. At the time, I looked at these opportunities as punishments, but looking back I realize that I was learning how to lead a healthier, more productive lifestyle. I also learned skills that could not be taught in a classroom. Among the most important are: patience, tolerance, responsibility, accountability, and humility. It took me almost two years to complete the program but the amount of time is different for everybody. Upon completion, each participant must then complete regular probation based on the severity of the crime that brought them to Drug Court. I was given two years probation after I graduated. It is also mandatory for the graduates to participate in the Drug Court Alumni while on probation. In a sense, graduates still had the support of the team even after completing the program. The alumni focused on enjoying life without drugs and supporting the current Drug Court participants. They had holiday parties, picnics, bowling, and other fun activities. They gave out gifts to members and their families on Christmas, Thanksgiving dinner was prepared for those who had no family to share it with,

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