Essay on Drug Discrimination

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Drug Discrimination The legalization of marijuana is just as heated as it has been since the 1930s when it was first outlawed(Marijuana). Marijuana is a name given to any drugs made from the hemp plant, Cannabis(Grolier). To legalize or not to legalize is the question that has been plaguing politicians and no one knows the answer. It is a burning issue that just won’t go away like many had wished it would when it started. Nothing has been this heated since the alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. Why should people have the right to use something that is as bad to your health as marijuana? Well if you look at it millions of people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and that is legal, so why not marijuana too? Those opposed to…show more content…
Money that is spent on the War against Drugs is about $75 billion a year for something that has not even come close to stopping the use of marijuana. 50 million people each year still try marijuana at least once with no adverse effects(Marijuana). This money is wasted, whereas the government could produce a revenue with the sale of marijuana. In fact 18 million people use marijuana once a month despite drug laws, and large amounts of people think it is acceptable(Marshall 89). Even with all of the chemicals in marijuana it is still of the safer drugs. In fact alcohol and cigarettes account for 95% of drug related deaths in the United States while marijuana only accounts for about 1%(Marijuana). A person would have to use 40,000 times the amount of marijuana needed to get high to overdose, whereas the amount of alcohol can be as low as 4 to 1(Nagorney). It is true, marijuana does have harmful consequences. As do cigarettes and alcohol but they are legal and kill more people. As for marijuana causing short term memory loss, this is partially true. Only while the person is intoxicated on marijuana is the person’s short term memory effected. After the effects wear off their short term memory will return in full(Marijuana). It is also true that marijuana may effect driving skills while a person is intoxicated but 85% of marijuana users that were involved in auto accidents were also under
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