Drug Drugs And Its Effects On The United States

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In the United States every year the percentage of deaths related to overdose increases drastically. Heroin is one of the top drugs in the United States used and cause of overdose. There are numerous types of heroin that is being sold on the streets because of different things however I’m talking about heroin in general. This drug has become a nationwide problem and is affecting many families and friendships who have loved addicted to or using heroin. Once addictions get too bad friends and family begin to distant themselves and the person more than likely start to feel alone and the drug is the only thing to comfort them. Abusers go for the drug that is easier to get ahold of rather going after the drug that is difficult to get their hands on. Heroin has become more prevalent in teenagers and young adults than any other drug, kills more people every year and was made to help those addicted to morphine. Prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Norco, Xanax and other prescription drugs were the most prevalent drugs on the streets that were abused by using it to get high and overdosing causing death. Around the country it is reported that teenagers who abuse OxyContin begin to switch to use heroin either by injection or snorting. That was before heroin even became prevalent in the streets as a street drug people were using. In 2012 the age group with the highest heroin overdose death rate was aged 25-34 years of age while the age group for the highest OPR is 45-54 years of age
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