Drug Drugs And The New Zealand Party Scene

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PHARM111G Drugs & Society
Assignment 2: Legal Highs
Pre 2008 Legal Highs were the crux of the New Zealand party scene. Legal highs like Party Pills and Synthetic cannabis have since been reclassified as class C drugs and have been pulled off the shelves of all retailers in New Zealand. Since the psychoactive substances act 2013 there has always been the looming suspicion that the drugs will make their way back onto the shelves, by bending their way around the law or in the underground scene. The 2013 psychoactive substances act states the new legal high drugs must have “limited regulation in the form of licensing and pre-release human experimentation to test substance effects”- proving that they are safe or unsafe. Prior to this legal highs were posed as an experimental way to try cull the sale of illicit drugs; but after such drugs as BZP showed their harmful effects, this had to be restricted. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychoactive_Substances_Act_2013)
First of all, what are Legal Highs?
Legal highs are substances which have chemicals in them that mimic those that are found in illicit drugs, but are safer than illicit drugs. These days this doesn’t seem to be the case. (http://www.talktofrank.com/drug/legal-highs) Some examples are synthetic cannabis, it is a “synthetic cannabinoid receptor antagonist” which are supposed to mimic the effects of Cannabis, but its effects are quite unpredictable. (Roland Macher; Tod W. Burke, Ph.D, Stephen S. Owen, Ph.D. "Synthetic

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