Drug Enforcement And Its Effects On The United States

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America has been fighting an uphill battle on the war on drugs since the days of Nixon. America’s incarceration rates grew during the late 1980s and early 1990s as state and local governments passed “tough-on-crime” legislations. The effort the country has made has not solved the problems they have been trying to cure. If anything the war on drugs fueled the market for drugs and fails to help the victims of drug abuse. The over criminalization of drug users has led to overcrowded prisons which are paid for by the citizens of the United States. Drug enforcement policies should be more lenient in the United States in order to better allocate tax dollars, decrease overcrowded prisons, and regulate drug use leading to a practical plan to…show more content…
If the money was used to help people in these neighborhoods they will not need to turn to drugs as a source of income. This solution would effectively go to the source of the problem to stop the spread of drug use. “According to the World Bank, at least three-fourths of expenditures on drugs in the US goes toward apprehending and punishing dealers and users; treatment expenditures account for, at most, a mere one-sixth of the total” (Schrager). Spending so much money on drug enforcement is unethical because if there is a demand for drugs there will always be a supply. In reality, drug addiction is a disease that demands the attention of the victim. Relapsing is not the result of lack of will power, while the initial decision to use drugs is voluntary, drug addiction is a disease of the brain that compels a person to become singularly obsessed with obtaining and abusing drugs (“Drugs”). Drug use damages the brain, addicts are often depressed and have anxiety as a result of drugs. Rehabilitation centers would make sure former drug addicts are healthy and help them to be productive in society. Throwing addicts in a prison cell does not stop them from relapsing once they are released. Many will agree that money from taxes should be used to rehabilitate people from the effects of drug use to truly stop the problem instead of spending money for people to go in and out of jail. Overall with these reforms the health of all American inhabitants will increase.
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