Drug Free Workplace

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As drugs continuously become legal in more and more states, the workforce is going to have to face changes. Policies will need to be either created or changed to ensure that companies always have competent employees on staff. “According to the 2004 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 75% of drug abusers in America are employed” (Colakis 2007). With about half of the United States legalizing marijuana in some manner since this time, this number may be increasing. Additionally, marijuana legalization is only one area of drug growth that is being tested for. It is important to realize the implications that either drug testing or refusing to drug test in the work place will have on a company. Why have a drug free workplace. Some businesses may choose to drug test potential employees as part of the hiring process, but then discontinue this testing throughout their career. One of the positives of discontinuing the test is the cost. The employer will not have to continuously pay for the tests and labs that need to be done. However, there are also many consequences to discontinuing the testing. “The parent drug or metabolite of an illicit drug is typically present…show more content…
The most common method is a urine sample. Although a quick way of testing, there are many negatives that have accompanied this type of test. The first problem started with the issue stated above. If the tests are simply preliminary or are expected, employees can discontinue drug use for the days leading up to the test and pass. The other problem is with adulterated tests. “Unless sample collection is directly observed, such tests are easily defeated” (Colakis 2007). For this reason, lab technicians and other personnel involved are not entirely sure of the circumstances during the testing and cannot confirm the urine specimen is from the correct
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