Essay about Drug Legalization

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Drug Legalization

Strong drug enforcement in the United States is correlated with the reduction in crime , drug use, and drug addiction growth rates. The impact on tougher drug sanctions has been overshadowed by a myth that U.S. drug enforcement has become too lenient.
     This myth has been promoted by the multi-million dollar pro-drug legalization lobby, civil libertarians, and misguided academic researchers to the public with limited review and challenge.
Attacks on drug enforcement efforts often hold law enforcement to impossible and changing performance standards. Law enforcement , treatment , and prevention complement each other. None of the credit for the twelve year decline in drug use among our
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Legalization may lessen the violence surrounding drug dealing , but the real problem is violence resulting from drug use, and this must be addressed with strong law enforcement , substance abuse treatment, prevention and a commitment to change.
     Anyone who uses marijuana and thinks that "pot" is not harmful is fooling themselves. The active ingredient THC , is addictive , and users can get just as addicted as they can with nicotine ( cigarettes and chewing tobacco) or alcohol or cocaine.
     Any tax revenue collected resulting from legalization would be minimal compared to the social cost of addiction. Legalization would create even more clients for an already overburdened treatment system, and at a much higher cost.
Treatment is only a part of the price that we pay, we will also be paying for the marijuana users increased health problems, reduced productivity , injuries from auto accidents , and crime. The overwhelming media impact on drug legalization is scary when you think of the impact on young people. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States. The good news is that marijuana use is down slightly according to some recent surveys. We must send messages to society especially the teen-age members that it is not all right to get " high", getting high is not a message that stresses healthy relaxation and coping with problems

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