Drug Omission And Wrong Dose / Overdose

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1. It is expected to see a high number of medication errors occurring in the Emergency Departments considering the fact that EDs are usually overcrowded and have an increased patient volume, which may create interruptions and increased pressure in the workplace that may lead to medication errors. However, it was very surprising to find out that the most prevalent medication error types in the ED were drug omission and wrong dose/overdose. It was shocking to learn that one of the predominant classes of drugs involved with these types of medication errors was antibiotic class since antibiotics are the most commonly used medications. The medication error related to patient’s weight was the most impressionable on me. I feel that patient’s weight is one of the easy obtainable information and at the same time one of the most important information since many drugs are dosed based on patient’s weight. I think every hospital should have a standardized procedure that would require a healthcare professional to obtain an actual patient’s weight no matter what department the patient is in because this information may be very helpful to identify an appropriate therapy as well as to prevent a medication error from occurring.
2. I was not familiar with the specialty area of emergency department clinical pharmacist prior to reading these articles. Pharmacists should definitely be included in the ED healthcare team. One of the main role that the pharmacist can play in the ED is direct
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