Drug Policy And Funding Has Not Changed Much Over The Past Two Decades

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Drug policy in America has not changed much over the past two decades, but according to Sacco (2014) “over the last decade, the United States has shifted its stated drug control policy toward a comprehensive approach; one that focuses on prevention, treatment and enforcement (p.1). One approach to this is allotting billions of dollars to the Federal Drug Control Budget. As of 2014, the majority of funding for this budget went into supply reduction (59.9%), demand reduction (40.1%), and domestic law enforcement (36.8%). Only 35 percent of the funding was provided for treatment of drug abuse, and 5.1 percent for drug abuse prevention (Sacco, 2014, p.16). These numbers have not changed since 2005, when they were within a 5 percent difference…show more content…
The author will discuss the 21st Century Cures Act, the evolution of the Act, possible changes that can be made to policy regarding treatment of drug addiction and barriers to the proposed changes.
21st Century Cures Act President Barack Obama signed legislation making The 21st Century Cures Act an official law on December 13, 2016 (Thompson, 2017). This law contains many different aspects and components to ensure that disease and mental health issues are addressed within the United States. One important component is it’s funding to help increase states ability to provide treatment of Opioid abuse. According to Thompson (2016) “the new Account for the State Response to the Opioid Abuse Crisis [Sec. 1003] will receive $1 billion over two years for grants to states to supplement their opioid abuse prevention and treatment activities” (p.10). According to The Energy and Commerce Committee (n.d.) this includes: “improving prescription drug monitoring programs, implementing prevention activities, training for health care providers, and expanding access to opioid treatment programs” (p. 1). Recipients of the grant are required to provide reports on their activities and progress using the substance abuse grant report (The Energy and Commerce Committee, n.d., p.1). This amount of grant money to help prevent and treat Opioid abuse can have a significant impact on many people’s lives across America.
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