Drug Policy, Prescription Drugs, And The United States

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One of the greatest problems we face in America today is the use and abuse of drugs in our country. It is important to find a solution that works within our country to combat the growing populations of our nation’s prisons, keep the supply of drugs under control, and have adequate prevention programs in place to help people who need treatment. Throughout reading the material for this course and the research conducted on the topics described in this paper, it is clear that the methods used in earlier years were not able to achieve the results we would like to see. Advocating for reform and the support of the American people can help with the desperate need for change.
Keywords: Drug policy, prescription drugs, reform
Final Position Paper
It is my position that the citizens of America need to take a stand and help our country to reduce the use and abuse of all the substances that our citizens regularly take, prescription or otherwise. Our America can recover, and give hope to future generations, but it has become such problem that it will not only take local community effort, but international assistance as well. The following describes our current policy, impact of prescription drug use, and discusses probable solutions to the never-ending problem of drugs in America. Current Policy
Having origins in the “War on Drugs” started by Nixon in 1971, our current drug policy has had several updates throughout the years, but remains to adequately provide the relief America…
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