Drug Prevention And Driver Safety Programs

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Criminal justice is the system in which governments uphold social control, deter crime, sanctioning of those who violate laws with penalties, and rehabilitation efforts. There are many positions you can take in the criminal justice field to ensure safety to the public. As much crime that has been going on in the recent decade, we have to try to control it as much as possible.
On a local level, a police officer’s job is to protect and serve. They monitor criminal activity, respond to emergencies, issue tickets, make arrests, investigate crimes, and also testify in court as needed. They make arrests to deter crime and illegal behavior in their communities. Police officers can also be involved in the community.
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There is no such thing as a typical day for an FBI agent, every day is something totally different. You can work anywhere from a desk to a tent in a desert.
In order to become a police officer you must have certain skills. An important ability is to use good judgment and to problem solve. When a police officer is in a predicament, they must be able to think fast and use their judgment. They must be able to multitask and be able to work as a team.
To become a private investigator you will need to have certain skills as well. You need to be good spoken and written communication skills. Strong analytical skills and observational skills are a must. Basic computer skills are needed to carry out investigations. You must possess the ability to work independently and have a knowledge for law. Patience and perseverance is key to being a private investigator.
Some critical skills of an FBI agent include: accounting, finance, computer science, engineering expertise, foreign language, intelligence experience, law experience, law enforcement experience, military experience, physical sciences expertise, diversified experience, or tactical operations. You then msut pass the physical fitness test, applicant must achieve a minimum cumulative score of twelve points with at least one point in each four events. The
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