Drug Problem In Brazil

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Brazil, fifth largest country in the world, with a population of approximately 200 million people, also has one of the largest disparities between the rich and poor. Profound poverty means family disintegration due to death by AIDS, substance abuse, violence and breakup become more prevalent leading to a growing problem. This problem is the number of children who begin to claim the streets as their home. Life is hard on the streets, where none of the safeguards of the society are in place, and these young people see little hope of change. As a result, drug and alcohol abuse becomes normalized in the child street communities and children become at risk for a number of health problems. To counteract this trend and rehabilitate children, local educational institutions need to be established to create a safe-zone for this children and program to address the risks of drug use and encourage healthy habits.
Nature and Magnitude of Problem: To begin, about 42% of Brazilian children live in poverty, with approximately 12% of that population living on
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A safe zone program that works to guarantee that impoverished children are healthy at body and mind would rescue their futures. This would include a center that provides extensive outreach and education about the effects of drug use and dangerous consequences that arise from being involved in a drug culture. This shared knowledge would encourage children to consider rehabilitation and to reflect on a brighter future.
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Left fending for themselves
Preventative drug programming activities Something that rewards children for attending anti-drug educational
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