Drug Product Review Of Canagliflozin

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Drug Product Review of Canagliflozin
On March 29, 2013, Canagliflozin (InvokanaTM) was approved by the FDA for the improvement of glycemic control for adults with type 2 diabetes. In 2013, Elkinson and Scott estimated that there were approximately 220 million people worldwide affected by type 2 diabetes. Despite having multiply classifications of drugs and typically multiple drugs to each classification, more than have of patient being treated do not have adequate control of their diabetes (Elkinson & Scott, 2013). As mentioned before with so many medication types already on the market, is Canagliflozin a beneficial addition to the market. First we need to understand how Canagliflozin work, next must analyze if it is effective, then what are some of the side effects or restricts, and finally what is the cost analysis.
Canagliflozin, licensed by Mitsubichi Tanabe Pharma Corporation and trademarked in the U.S. under the name InvokanaTM by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is an innovator drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes being a disease affecting the body’s ability to use endogenous insulin for the transport of glucose into the cell. This causes plasma serum glucose levels to rises which can result in numerous negative consequences include micro and macro vascular diseases. Canagliflozin works for the treatment of type 2 diabetes by inhibits the SGLT1 and SGLT2 transport system. In the kidneys a large portion of the blood content is filtered out, what is need

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