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Drug Profile

Drug Profile * * Addiction is an escape of experiencing control it is an illusion and a mood altering experience. A pathological relationship with life-threatening or negative consequences, it is the experience that is addicting. People can become addicted to anything that alters our mood or consciousness. Addiction can be about self-harm and when done repeatedly it will stop or ease emotional pain that a person may be going through. An individual’s addiction can show an increased psychological and physiological dependence on the substance, and the person will cannot live a normal life. A drug addicted person will become unable to cope without the drug they are addicted too. Addiction can lead to antisocial
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Drugs can change the body and mind, * feelings, actions, judgment, and thinking, these drugs can cause unwanted side-effects * such as vomiting, sweating, shaking, headache, dizziness, coordination, or vision * problems. Once addicted the body has a physical or psychological need for its * dependence of the drug itself. The physical need of withdrawal symptoms happens when * the body stops taking the drug and becomes sick or uncomfortable, the psychological * needs tells the mind to keep taking the drug to get the desired effects. The brain receives * information and can respond to change, drugs overtime will cause an effect to the * respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, and nervous system. Once drugs * enter the body it moves to the blood and the blood carries the drugs to all parts for the * body, including the central nervous system, spinal cord, and the brain that causes * reactions from the drugs. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine cause the brain and body * to receive the wrong information; thus, giving an incorrect response to it (What Drugs to * the Body, 1998). There are drugs for uses other than medical. Prescription drug abuse is * using a medicine in a way not prescribed. Medication prescribed to treat attention deficit * disorders, anxiety, or pain is the second highest abused drug next to marijuana.
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