Drug-Related Deaths In Bradford County Essay

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BRADFORD COUNTY (WENY) - Three men have died in Bradford County over the last few days from what police expect is heroin related deaths.

Pennsylvania State Police and the Bradford County Coroner's Office are investigating three drug related deaths that happened in the last three days. Authorities believe the anesthesia prescription drug, fetanyl, is being added into a batch of heroin that's causing the fatal overdoses. Kyle Saxton, the Director of Trinity of Bradford County, says laced heroin is all too common in the area. Saxton says for users it's like playing a game of russian roulette, you never know what's in the batches. "When someone comes in and says they are using heroin, we do a drug screen on them. Often times even the clients
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He posted on the Bradford County Coroner's Facebook page "In the past three days the Bradford County Coroners Office and Pa. State Police have investigated three (3) drug related deaths suspected to be heroin. It is unknown at this time if the product was actually heroin, heroin fentanyl combination, or pure fentanyl." Carman says believes the fentanyl is either being mixed in with the heroin or soley being sold as heroin.Carman says it will take up to two weeks to get the toxicology reports back.

Trinity of Bradford County opened it's first Pennsylvania location in January to provide subtance abuse counseling for the community's growing drug epedemic. "Anyone that's struggling with any kind of dependency I encourage you to call and set up an appointment. If you don't meet the criteria for this level we will refer you to detox, to impatient, to whatever needs you need. We'll make sure we do our best to get you there," explains Saxton.

The new location is located at 100 Hnery Street in Sayre. It is open Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday 8am to 7:30pm. Wednesday 8am to 5 pm. Friday 8 am - 4pm. For more information you can call (570)
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