Drug Resistant And The Abuse Of Antibiotics

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Have you ever been to the doctor for the seasonal flu and walked out of the clinic with a prescription for antibiotics? I have. Actually, some of us, including me, become very upset if the doctor fails to prescribe antibiotics for us. Since the discovery of antibiotics, they have become the miracle treatment for all types of infections, specific and non-specific. Even though antibiotics are only effective when treating bacterial infection, many seek them for viral infections such as the common cold, etc. Hence, this reckless practice has inadvertently contributed to the rising trend in drug-resistance microbes, AKA "Superbugs." This is a twofold problem; in that, drug-resistant superbugs and the abuse of antibiotics are both major health concerns. However, for the purpose of this public health problem statement, I will focus on the increasing threat of drug-resistant organisms from the abuse of antibiotics. More so, I shall address what should be occurring in this current health problem, what is currently occurring, and health disparities relating to it, if nothing is done. There are misguided beliefs and expectations associated with lack of awareness of the dangers of antibiotics use.¹ Unlike the natural antibiotics of fungi and bacteria, most artificially synthesized antibiotics are broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are capable of killing both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, while narrow-spectrum or natural antibiotics target only a specific gram-type
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